The Gap Wins Over Instagram With This Empowering Breastfeeding Ad

What: An ad featuring a mother breastfeeding her child.

Who: The Gap

Why we care: What was a completely natural moment has turned into one of Gap’s strongest campaigns. During a photoshoot to promote one of the company’s T-shirts, model Adaora Akubilo needed to breastfeed her son. According to an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Akubilo asked the photographer if it was okay. She said yes and in turn asked if it was okay to snap a few candid shots. And now those photos have become an empowering image for breastfeeding.

It’s bold enough for a major company like Gap to post an image that, for whatever bizarre reason, is still so taboo for some people. With the internet being the internet, this ad could’ve gone south quickly. But the comment section on Instagram for the photo is lit with the highest praise. The unexpected nature of the ad (The Gap isn’t promoting a new line of nursing tops) makes the support for an act as perfectly human as breastfeeding that much more significant.



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