The Instagram rich list shows how insane the world is

By Melissa Locker

July 26, 2018

In yet another example of how the rich get richer, noted “self-made” billionaire Kylie Jenner makes an estimated $1 million per sponsored post that she shares with her 111 million or so Instagram followers. She makes more than second-place earner Selena Gomez, who allegedly rakes in an estimated $800,000 to shill Puma and Coach online, despite having more Instagram followers than Jenner (139 million). Same goes for Real Madrid Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo, who reportedly earns $750,000 to promote things like SleepScore and whatever SixPad is to his 137 million followers.

At least that’s according to Instagram scheduling tool Hopper HQ, which broke down the price per post of Instagram’s biggest influencers by looking at metrics such as their number of followers, levels of engagement, influencer category, audience, and influencer status.

Other stars on the top 10 of Hopper HQ’s highest paid social media earners include Beyoncé ($700k per post), Kim Kardashian ($720k per post), Justin Bieber ($630k per post), Kendall Jenner ($500k per post), Dwayne Johnson ($650k per post), Neymar da Silva Santos Junior ($600k), and Lionel Messi ($500k per post).

While in some strange way it makes sense that brands would want to pay celebrities and soccer stars exorbitant fees to casually mention their love of some weird tooth whitener on Instagram, it’s the average-Joes-turned-influencers that make you re-think all your life choices. Eleonora Pons, for instance, has 25.6 million followers she can subtly mention Ciroc to and allegedly earn $32,500 to do it. And Zach King reportedly nabs an estimated $30k to mention Oreos to his 21.5 million followers.

In fact, the entire lifestyle influencer category on Hopper HQ is both aspirational and deeply horrifying.