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The Morning After: Thursday, November 10, 2016
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The Morning After: Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mat Smith , @thatmatsmith

November 10, 2016

It’s Thursday morning and we’re looking at how a Trump presidency could affect Net Neutrality and environmental policy, Google’s recommendations against some fast-charging devices, and a brief taste of the Wu-Tang Clan’s single-copy album.

Trump added an anti-regulation crusader to his transition teamThe FCC’s Net Neutrality rules will likely be gutted under President-elect Trump

With a Republican-controlled House and Senate behind Donald Trump, things are going to change — a lot. One of the things that might be on the chopping block early in his administration is Net Neutrality. Trump is set to appoint Jeffrey Eisenach — a man who’s made a career out of crusading against industry regulation — as the point man for telecom issues on his transition team.

Less preaching to the choirClinton urges supporters to speak outside of closed Facebook groups

The Democratic nominee recognizes that you need public discussion on social networks to make a difference. In Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign concession speech, she indirectly thanked “secret, private” Facebook support groups like Pantsuit Nation, a three-million-strong outfit she’d messaged (through her digital team leader) on Election Day. But she wanted them “coming out from behind that” to make sure their “voices are heard” — beyond an audience that was already supporting her. The power of social networks was a real force in this election.

It wants all USB cables and chargers to work togetherGoogle “strongly recommended” that Android devices shouldn’t support proprietary charging tech

Google isn’t a big fan of non-standard approaches to fast-charging Android phones over USB-C, and it’s bent on having manufacturers fall in line. Its newest Compatibility Definition document (for the latest version of Android, Nougat) recommends avoiding proprietary charging technology that modifies voltages beyond standard levels, or otherwise creates “interoperability issues” with standard USB charging. That means you, Qualcomm.

Thanks, TrumpWu-Tang Clan’s ultra-rare album gets streamed (a little)

Martin Shkreli (the infamous pharma exec who jacked up prices on an HIV/AIDS pill) bought the Wu-Tang Clan’s one-copy 2015 album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, promising to release it if Donald Trump won the presidency. He fulfilled the promise, partially, livestreaming both the intro to Wu-Tang’s album and one of its tracks. Sure, they weren’t intended as permanent copies, but this is the internet — listeners ripped the video feed and now it’s out there for listening.

Repealed regulations, international agreements torn upPlanet Earth might be the biggest loser under President Trump

Donald Trump rejected the scientific consensus on global warming during his campaign, but that’s just the start of big changes that could be coming to the USA’s environmental policy. An oil company co-founder is the front-runner for secretary of the interior. In that position, Forrest Lucas (no puns) would be in charge of national parks and wildlife refuges, and have serious influence over policies regarding offshore oil drilling, fracking and endangered species. Trump has also threatened to pull out of the Paris Agreement, aimed at globally reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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