The Secret to Apple’s Success [Infographic]

Tech companies, in the past few years, have grown to nearly incomprehensible sizes. One of these tech giants is Apple. Apple, as we all well know, has been around for decades and, in 2018, became the first publicly traded U.S. company to reach $ 1 trillion. $ 1 trillion is a lot, but comparing it to other things can really show the scope of how much that number really is. Apple is worth more than the GDP of 183 countries, including Turkey, The Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia and Apple is worth more than 1% of the entire world’s GDP. Apple is also worth more than six different stock exchanges including the Singapore Exchange and the Saudi Stock Exchange and is worth more than the net worth of 3 of the world’s richest individuals including Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet combined.

Apple is dominating the tech world and even more so in the U.S.; nearly half of all smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches bought in the U.S. are apple products. Following the money around can also really show you how much Apple can make in a year. From 2018, Apple’s net sales were worth $ 266 billion and after operating expenses, Apple was left with a gross margin of $ 102 billion. More than half of this came from iPhone sales, but also came from Mac, iPad, and services like Apple Music, Apple Pay, and iCloud. Apple unit sales in 2018 were monstrously high when they sold 218 million iPhones, 44 million iPads, 23 million Apple Watches, and 18 million Mac sales. Looking back on when these products came out and seeing the sales number really shows how ridiculously much Apple has grown but the release number are still astounding, especially for their times.

Find out the secret to Apple’s success and why Apple continues to command the tech market here.

The Secret to Apple’s Success [Infographic] |

Infographic source: Sell Your Mac

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