the arena’s easiest Whisky Goes To Outer area

you might be now not nonetheless ingesting Earth-aged whisky, are you?

August three, 2015

the potential of whisky snobbery simply elevated astronomically. jap distillery Suntory just lately introduced that it’s going to be sending its world-sought after whiskies to outer space to review the impact that zero gravity has on getting old.

bored with simplest having the perfect whisky in the world, the Tokyo-primarily based distillery is sending six samples of whisky and different alcoholic drinks to the global area Station to test how they will age in zero gravity. From there, experiments on the “development of mellowness” will be performed over a period of about a yr. The samples shall be transported to outer space in a tumbler flasks, so as to embody a 21-12 months-outdated single malt, and a whisky that has simply been distilled.

In its press unencumber, Suntory explains: “except some items like beer, alcoholic beverages are widely recognized to advance a mellow taste when aged for a long time.” while their researchers are nonetheless not sure of why the mellowness occurs, they’ve hypothesized that it’s due to “the formation of excessive-dimensional molecular construction together with water, ethanol, and other substances in alcoholic beverages,” which happens in environments the place the liquid convection is suppressed. If that is the case, a microgravity surroundings would allow the whisky to age with out lessening the flavor.

To our fantastic disappointment, the gap-aged whiskey may not be in the stores upon its return house. the good news? that provides you time to brush up in your Earth-certain whiskeys ahead of that future day when cosmic spirits at last hit the market.

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[source photos: Mariyana M by the use of Shutterstock/NASA]

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