These dummy breasts are designed to save women’s lives

By Jeff Beer

How big a difference do a pair of breasts make? According to a recent study published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, women suffering cardiac arrest in public are 27% less likely than men to receive CPR.

The reason behind that stat isn’t because people don’t care, but primarily thanks to some pretty superficial awkwardness around how to actually navigate administering CPR to a woman. As the video puts it, “Why? Well, scientifically speaking… boobs.” Research shows that people are unsure where to place their hands when performing CPR on a woman, confusion that stems at least in part from CPR lessons being taught with a single-gendered practice dummy—the kind that doesn’t have breasts. So to help mark National CPR Awareness Week, agency Joan Creative decided to try to fix the problem by designing an attachment that will turn any CPR mannequin into a Womanikin.

The agency has teamed with the gender equality advocacy organization the United State of Women to launch a new digital and social campaign around the new open -ource attachment design, centered around the hashtag #GiveMeCPR.

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