This 2-second cable news mishap captures the difficulty of trying to do your job right now

 By Joe Berkowitz

November 10, 2020
What: A minor instance of televised profanity.
Who: NBC News correspondent Ken Dilanian.

Why we care: Anyone reading this post is probably doing so during work hours. Depending on the job, letting one’s attention wander to the news is just part of “the process.” But with post-election updates arriving every 10 seconds—what does it mean that every GOP senator is backing Trump’s baseless voter fraud claims?—we are currently more distractible than ever. At the same time, more folks than ever are working from home these day, and having to deal with glitchy technology in the process. Considering both factors, it’s all too easy now to get caught off guard when it’s crunch time on the job.

Fortunately, most of us who do so don’t have quite as public-facing a job as NBC’s Ken Dilanian.

The reporter was about to go live with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin when he appeared to be frazzled by something on his phone, and uttered a brief, yet hilarious, string of profanities. Have a look below, but headphones up for foul language.

For his part, Dilanian has already apologized for the slip up, and explained it away as a technical difficulty, rather than merely being distracted.

In any case, it’s a far less embarrassing onscreen mishap than Jeffrey Toobin’s legendary Zoom-dick incident, which happened an incredibly distant three weeks ago.

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