This anti-Airbnb group is having a field day with Paul Manafort’s indictment

(November 03, 2017) Paul Manafort, the former campaign head for President Trump, was indicted for tax laundering, among many other things. The court document detailed a bunch of illegal actions Manafort has allegedly taken over the last few years.

One such tidbit included information about an apartment he owns in Manhattan. Though Manafort claimed to banks that it was owner occupied, the indictment alleges that he permanently rented it out on platforms like Airbnb.

The anti-Airbnb coalition Share Better, which advocates for stricter enforcement of illegal hotels, saw a clear opening to broadcast its message. Since the Manafort revelations went live, Share Better has flooded its social streams with posts about Manafort. Here are some examples:

Share Better has reportedly been promoting these posts too.

The group has also sent press releases to reporters.

I suppose it’s a rare opportunity when a talking point can be so clearly illustrated, so Share Better struck while the iron was hot. The question remains: Will Airbnb respond?


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