This Barbershop Quartet’s “Sexual healing” quilt Will Make You Abstinent


We hope Marvin Gaye likes a funny story: it’s the least sexy version of his music ever sung, delivered by means of Jimmy Fallon and Steve Carell.
What does it take to desexualize one of the vital sexiest songs on report, sung with the aid of one of the vital sexiest men who ever lived? 5 center-aged white guys in sweet-striped blazers, that’s what. ultimate evening on The Tonight express, Jimmy Fallon’s barbershop quartet The Ragtime Gals—with different guest Steve Carell—lined Marvin Gaye’s classic “Sexual therapeutic.” but it surely was once neither “sexual,” nor “therapeutic.” What used to be once a easy-as-silk-sheets baby maker, has turned into, neatly, this:
And simply while you think you couldn’t cringe more difficult—Fallon promises that cheek pop.  

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