This Desk Reminds You to face Up when you’ve Been Sitting Too lengthy–after which It Orders You Lunch

that you could even supply it voice commands like it’s your own assistant—so long as you do not thoughts in case your coworkers suppose you’re crazy.

may 20, 2015

walk into work within the morning, and the brand new self sufficient Desk pops as much as a standing place. Later, you could regulate it to take a sitting ruin, however in case you sit down for too many hours, the desk goes to remind you to face up once more. in the period in-between, that you would be able to ask the AI-powered desk to order you lunch, set a couple of conferences, and alter the temperature to your Nest Thermostat.

a part of the muse for the desk was the fact that sit-stand desks could do a greater job of conserving customers prompted. Most convertible desks rise up with the flip of a change, but it surely’s rather easy to stay seated, although you are totally sure of the health dangers of sitting all day at work. One learn about discovered that individuals with sit down-stand desks handiest stood, on moderate, about two hours a day.

The desk comes with a pre-set training schedule. On the first day, it will ease you in with 30 minute standing sessions and lengthy take a seat-down breaks. every day, it can raise the standing time so customers can steadily get used to it.

“you can call to mind the desk as a non-public fitness trainer,” says Justin Lucas, founding father of the independent Desk.

Lucas argues that as standing desks proliferate, most furnishings producers are treating them like motorized versions of usual desks, and lacking an working out of how they’re in truth used. “conventional furnishings manufacturers received the user expertise all mistaken,” he says. “they are so used to their old habits of creating traditional furnishings items. They didn’t take into accounts how fundamentally people would use a standing desk. not like a dining table or a couch, which you do not want to explain how one can use, the standing desk is a whole new product class that must be rethought utterly.”

the corporate hung out fascinated about how customers would understand when to stand up and take a seat down, and easy methods to motivate them to keep using the desk over many years of a career. they also looked at the trivialities of existence at an office and added in options like a wi-fi charging pad for a cellphone, hooks to carry a backpack or purse, and software so the desk can double as a controller for sensible gadgets like gentle bulbs or door locks. It also takes Siri-like voice instructions, so it will possibly set a reminder to pick up dry cleaning, begin enjoying a playlist, or supply restaurant recommendations.

“You spend 8 to 10 hours a day at your desk,” Lucas says. “which is a third of your day or your existence. you’re so attached to your desk. What if we can turn the desk into a non-public assistant who is always there and serving to you out during the times with more than a few tasks?”

we’ve got considered among the features—like automatic reminders to face—earlier than. but the desk is also somewhat somewhat more cost-effective than past sit down-stand desks, most of that are in the $1,000-$four,000 range. At $399 on Kickstarter at this time, it can be even more cost-effective than Ikea’s take on a convertible desk. it’s more cost-effective, the startup says, as a result of they aren’t the usage of distributors and retailers. “In traditional furniture retail, an administrative center desk is on a regular basis marked up 4x by the point it reaches you,” says Lucas. “We streamline the availability chain—effectively doing away with all middlemen.”

The desk is offered on Kickstarter presently and will eventually retail for $499.

[Photos: via Autonomous Desk]

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