This hilarious new meme is built to last. (This claim is disputed)

By Joe Berkowitz

November 17, 2020

After years of Donald Trump tweeting flagrant falsehoods at a breathless pace, the brain trust at Twitter finally started to crack down on them, at the very end of his presidency.

The referees of truth first found their whistle over the summer of 2020, when the company began to put warnings over Trump’s tweets about voter fraud, and labeling other tweets as containing manipulated media.

Now that Trump has lost the election, however, his baseless tweets about supposed voter fraud are constant. Thus, the humble Twitter warning about the president’s claims being disputed is now ubiquitous.

As with all ubiquitous things on the internet, a meme has already sprung up about the warnings on Trump’s tweets.

Of course, it has. That’s just how memes work. It’s like Rule 34, but funnier.

The Daily Show got in on the game relatively early with the below tweet on Monday, November 16, making fun of the frequency of Twitter’s warnings.

Pretty soon, though, the joke format evolved toward the form it eventually took, in which the Twitter warnings are applied to anything but voter fraud.

This early version, from an SNL writer, still riffed on the light-blue Twitter warnings, which takes a bit of digital know-how to effectively manipulate.

Not long after author, artist and TV writer Jonny Sun figured out that one could create the same effect using a bolded font, though, the meme exploded.

Suddenly, the disputed-claim meme was everywhere, and focused on a variety of topics.

The meme really started to get creative, however, when the joke moved from being about the fact that some claim was disputed to being about who was disputing said claims.

And, of course, like most memes, this one eventually ends up going meta and eating itself.

If you have a good idea for a joke using this meme, take your time with it and don’t feel like it has to go up now. Surely, this one won’t get old for a while.

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