Use Your Interest in Photography to Earn Extra Cash by Selling Stock Photos

Use Your Interest in Photography to Earn Extra Cash by Selling Stock Photos

Use Your Interest in Photography to Earn Extra Cash by Selling Stock Photos

Photography is an intriguing hobby that interests a broad range of individuals. You don’t have to be an expert in the field to capture stunning images of people, places, or things. Most people who show an interest in photography often pick up on a few useful tips and tricks that improve their shots, allowing them to take photographs similar to trained professionals.

If you enjoy taking photos and receive compliments from others on the beautiful images in your collection, you may want to consider making money selling stock photos. You can continue taking photographs of things you love in your spare time and enjoy earning a side income at the same time.

How to Get Started Selling Stock Photos

Stock photography is a great resource that website creators, bloggers, and many other individuals use to add vibrant photos to their websites or social media accounts. These free or paid photos are taken by both professional and amateur photographers who enjoy taking beautiful images to share with others. Those who enjoy taking photos have the option to make money selling their images to others. They use websites like Shutterstock or apps to create an account and share their images where others can purchase them in high definition resolution.

It’s easy to get started selling stock photos. All you have to do is visit one of the many websites where you can sell photos and create an account. Some websites may require you to create a separate account if you plan to sell images, while others may not. Once you have set up your account, you can start uploading photos to sell.

Keep in mind that you will need to pay a commission to the website you are selling your photos through. This is typically between 20% to 30% of your profits. In most cases, the website will also determine the photo pricing for your images. Therefore, it is a good idea to compare these websites and find out what option is best for you.

Helpful Apps for Stock Photos

Where to Sell Your Stock Photos

There are many places online where you can sell photos for cash. Some of the most well-known companies include Shutterstock, Getty Images, and iStockPhoto. Other websites to consider include Pexels, Dreamstime, and 123RF.

Along with selling your images on websites, there is also the option to use apps for selling stock photography. EyeEM is a free smartphone app that allows you to share and sell your images to make money. You can also connect with other photography lovers from all over the world.

Before you upload your image to these apps or websites, you will want to be sure they are of the highest quality. There are hundreds of great apps available that allow you to edit photos and give them a professional touch. Adobe Lightroom is a good option when you need an all-in-one app to edit your latest batch of photos you need to upload.

Tools to Help You Sell Your Photos for Cash

Smartphone apps offer a great advantage to those who want to sell photos and make money. Shutterstock, iStock, Getty Images and many other stock photo websites also feature apps that you can use to upload your photos and manage your account. There are also many great free photo editing apps out there that provide results similar to those offered by professional software programs. Top choices include Carbon and Adobe Photoshop Mix.

These smartphone apps available for your Android or iOS device are designed to help you tweak your images, so they have the right level of brightness or contrast to make your focal subject stand out.


Photography is a fun and often stress-relieving hobby that millions of people enjoy. Whether you take photos using the latest professional camera or by using your iPhone, you can capture beautiful images to share with others, and even make a little extra money at the same time. There are plenty of websites out there where you can sell your images to others, and you don’t have to be a professional photographer to do so. There are also several apps that can help you turn your favorite pastime into a great way to make money in your spare time. 

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