Vimeo announces plans to acquire Wibbitz and WIREWAX

The acquisition gives brands more opportunities in their video marketing strategies.

Leading video software platform Vimeo has announced that it will be acquiring Wibbitz, a video creation suite for enterprises, and WIREWAX, a video platform offering integrated shopping technology. The move seems to be part of the company’s efforts to expand its video creation, editing, and marketing capabilities.

Wibbitz’s enterprise-grade video technology and WIREWAX’s drag-and-drop interface will help brands create more engaging, high-quality videos for their marketing campaigns.

Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud said the decision was made to provide more tools that would help their growing enterprise base. But it’s clear adding less technical video solutions will also provide unique benefits to smaller companies.

These new features provided by Wibbitz and WIREWAX will make video marketing technology more accessible to businesses everywhere. They will help brands drive better outcomes with more creative marketing solutions.

Why we care. Vimeo’s expanded video solutions give less tech-savvy businesses more opportunities to create engaging and interactive experiences for their customers. By combining the capabilities of Wibbitz and WIREWAX, Vimeo can help marketers thrive in the video marketing space.

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