Watch Game of Thrones stress melt away with these 5-minute meditations

By Melissa Locker

If you’ve been spending your Sunday nights watching the final season of Game of Thrones, but then find it hard to chill out after watching wights and dragons and epic battles and stray Starbucks cups, mental-wellness platform Simple Habit is here to help.

Just to support Game of Thrones fans in their time of need, Simple Habit is launching three mental wellness sessions to get Westeros watchers through the next few weeks. The meditations are led by former monk and current mindfulness expert Cory Muscara and are designed to help ease anxiety, mourn any losses (no spoilers), or refocus their energy after a long binge.

After your Game of Thrones episode, head to Simple Habit for personalized, five-minute meditations to soothe your TV-related stressors:

There’s one to get your through a suspenseful scene, called “Don’t lose your head, Ned” (of course); one for how to handle losing your favorite character, called “The Pack survives”; and a meditation to get you through post binge-watching, called “#KeepCalmAndCerseiOn.”

They all live here.

And if you still have trouble sleeping after tonight’s episode, check out Simple Habit’s sleep series to lull yourself to sleep and dream of the Iron Throne.


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