Watch reside: NASA Crashing An airplane For Science

NASA is crashing a Cessna 172—on purpose—in an effort to check emergency locator transmitters.

August 26, 2015 eleven:45 AM

On Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET, NASA will drop a vintage 1974 plane, tail down, from a height of 100 ft on the Langley research center in Hampton, Virginia. The crash test is intended to “simulate a severe however survivable airplane accident,” according to a NASA press release, and will help researchers learn extra about emergency locators.

The Cessna 172 will include cameras, 5 emergency locators, two crash-take a look at dummies, and more than a few information-gathering sensors.

that you would be able to watch a live stream of the crash beneath:

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[Photo: NASA/David C. Bowman]

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