Watch the NBA’s smart jersey of the future magically transform for fickle fans

By Melissa Locker

The basketball jersey of the future is designed with fair-weather fans in mind. At the annual All-Star Technology Summit (did our invitation get lost in the mail?!), NBA Commissioner Adam Silver unveiled the league’s “smart jersey of the future.”

To unveil the new jersey, Silver pulled up an app on a phone and changed the number and name on the back of a jersey that was displayed on the side of the stage. With the push of a button, the jersey shifted from repping for a Kemba Walker model to giving Stephen Curry a shout-out to going old school in a Michael Jordan model.

While the NBA may consider this a fully customizable fan experience, it’s also a great way for fans to theoretically express their wavering feelings about a player. That’s right, come 2038, the audiences at NBA games could make their fair-weather support visual, as well as auditory if the player should, say, miss 14 free throws in a row.

Either way, it’s cool technology that fans could really enjoy fiddling with during particularly dull stretches of games.

We’ve embedded the video demonstration below:


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