Website Translation Services: Is your website content up-to-date?

Website Translation Services: Is your website content up-to-date?

Internet shopping has become increasingly popular over the last decade, but the Covid-19 lockdown has meant many more of us are buying online. With governments urging us to stay at home wherever possible, although supermarkets remained open, many of us discovered online supermarket shopping. Home delivery and click and collect were sought after services. But we didn’t stop at just buying our “essentials” online.  “Non-essential” retail sectors, including clothing, cosmetics, white goods, books, gardening, and DIY were forced to close their doors completely. Websites became the only way for these retailers to make a sale and the only way for us customers to make a purchase. 

More than ever, the importance of the website is apparent. Customers want a website that is quick and easy to navigate, safe and secure to use and importantly, up to date. Customers demand a website with current and correct information about products, availability, and delivery; during lockdown product availability become increasingly problematic, with consumers searching the internet for potential suppliers. 

Keeping a website updated in one language is a big task in itself, but with multilingual websites, this can be even more of a challenge. Due to ever-changing circumstances, website translation to and from many languages may be needed quickly and urgently.  

“If a website is not updated quickly enough, for example, if information about a product is not complete or if delivery information is not current, customers quickly become frustrated and look elsewhere. We appreciate that therefore sometimes a fast translation of a website is needed. With our team of translators, we will work with customers to provide a translation within hours when needed.” Daniela Engels,

And with website translation, a correct linguistic translation is not always sufficient. Search engine optimization (SEO) is about making sure a website ranks highly in search engines.  That is, the design and content of a retailer’s website needs to be so that it has a high ranking for certain keywords or phrases. A good translation service offers this as part of its website translation package. 

“Our specialist translators work with trained content writers. We pay close attention to SEO harmonization and through our content management know-how we can provide a top ranking in various search engines.” Daniela Engels,

Moreover, has technical website professionals who are involved in the website translation process to ensure that any translated page content is placed on the correct web page and that it is complete and correct. Customers want to be able to find information fast and it is important that they can quickly and easily navigate a firm’s website, otherwise they may give up and look to buy elsewhere. offers professional website translation services in a vast number of language combinations, including world languages and minority languages. The agency will always assign a native speaker of the target language to any website translation. This will ensure that your website communicates with your potential customers in their own language and in a way which feels familiar and natural to them.

As lockdown eases and people regain confidence, we may see people start venturing out and buying in shops again. But maybe, now we have discovered the convenience of online shopping, we will continue buying via the internet. Whatever happens, the importance of keeping website content constantly updated, is clear. 

If you are looking to reach a larger potential customer base and thus increase your potential turnover, offers a reliable, professional and fast website translation service.

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About the Author: Daniela Engels

Daniela Engels oversees Marketing and Public Relations at, a Munich-based online translation agency.