What is Sponsored Post?

What is Sponsored Post? 

Direct Advertisement Problems

People are sick from direct advertising; they do not feel comfortable of all those pop-ups that irritate them while they are searching for information. The internet is loaded with products advertisement trying to grab readers’ attention, internet users are looking for clean material without advertisement annoying them while they search. Ad blockers provide easy solution to prevent direct advertisement.

You need to reach to your target audience naturally, because of useful content delivering value.  You do not want ad blockers to hide your paid advertisement, and most important without the mental filter in people mind that this is an advertisement.

Sponsored content as indirect advertisement

Sponsored content is one of the best methods to reach audience by engaging content without embossing yourself on your target audience. They read about your products and services, they get educational material that interest them, and they decide to visit your website intentionally to get more information from your own published material.

By its nature, sponsored content marketing is equivalent to word of mouth marketing viral impact, while it is native advertisement and natural; it is the value of positioning your advertisement indirectly with word-of-mouth advertising to your fans. Word-of-mouth marketing was and still the most effective viral marketing technique you can gain to your business.
Bypassing the authority validation of customers, and especially B2B customers is hard without word-of-mouth referrals, it is always hard to pass the filters without of word-of-mouth viral impact, sponsored content is one of the most effective and innovative ways to pass through.

Chose specific outreach approach about your products and services

Pick a feature of your products, write about it, explain it, entertain your users about it, and position your product as feature rich. This way you gain the trust of your target audience, they chose you because you have something of interest to them.

With sponsored posts, you can present problem and solution, and then position your product or service to do more.

Advertisements are expense without long-term effect

You pay to place your advertisement on websites/Google/Yahoo/Bing/blogs/News-Portals and others, for limited period, or limited number of clicks, then your money gone; your advertisement is not indexing in search engines and removed after your budget finish.

Whether you gained your targeted return on investment or not. With advertisement, you continue to pay to be visible for your target audience. The moment your advertisement budget vanish, your ad is not visible to your target audience.

Sponsored Content as alternative to direct advertisement with long-term effect

With sponsored content, you pay once for each content piece, affordable prices, and accessible content all the time, indexed content on search engines. Sponsored content is an asset to your products and services; it is a long-term investment to your brand. It is continuous visibility to your target audience.

Invest one-tenth of your advertisement budget in sponsored content, and you will gain gradual visibility and steady traffic to your website.

Different between Sponsored content and Direct Advertisement

Direct advertisement is getting you direct people attention, immediate clicks to sell your products or services, with quick results most of the time. Sponsored content is long-term impact for your products and services; they increase your visibility gradually over the time. Sponsored posts keeps your words about your brand permanent, they continue to gain exposure for you.

Why you need Sponsored Content?

  • Education about your products and services to your target audience. It allows you to talk about your company, talk about your products and/or services. You can include videos, and reviews in your sponsored content. You can provide your target audience with case studies and whitepapers.
  • Position your brand products and services as the leader. The nature of informational topics you present to your target audience through sponsored content associate your brand with your products and services; create a lasting impact on your target audience mind. Does your brand get visible to internet users or business owners when they search the internet for their needs? That is the value of sponsored content; it can present you on their radar, because your published-indexed sponsored content is coming to them naturally as a solution to their questions and problems.
  • Build positive impact with your target audience. Users, business owners, entrepreneurs, companies employees notice and appreciate sponsored content; they value your efforts to reach and inform. Building a community around your brand is a part of you marketing strategy, helping you to gain more internet users.
  • Inspire, entertain or inform your audience. Engage in a way that adds value to the consumer relationship Position your brand as a thought-leader and seek brand affinity. Determine what branded content is engaging users most and use this information to develop future marketing strategies

Branded Content and Native Advertising value

Branded content, also called native advertising, matches the unique look and feel of a publisher’s site so it fits seamlessly into digital environments.  Branded content is not brand-biased and focuses on informing, rather than convincing, a target audience. These sponsored stories are most often listed in the form of “suggested articles”.

Every publisher website work with unique look and feel, native advertisement the other name of branded content should match the publisher style to fit seamlessly into their digital content. The nature of focus to provide non-biased information position your brand in trustworthy perspective with your target audience. Sponsored posts are part of the engaging story consumed by internet users to read, share, and link-back to it about your brand name.

Author: Jawad Alalawi

Information Technology Professional specialized in Financial Payment Services, Risk Management, Information Security, and Compliance. Experienced in solutions development and implementation, and technical writer. Email contact (sjawada5 at gmail.com)

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