WhatsApp, Yahoo Mail Services Glitches Reported

WhatsApp, Yahoo Mail Services Glitches Reported


Ray Schultz , (January 03, 2018)

What’sApp, the mobile messaging app, suffered a global outage over the weekend, but service reportedly has been restored.

The slowdown hit Northern Europe, the UK and Brazil the hardest, but also affected Asia and other parts of the world, according to


WhatsApp, Yahoo Mail Services Glitches Reported | DeviceDaily.com

WhatsApp confirmed the “brief outage” but said that the issue has been resolved, according to Reuters.

However, the problem prompted several comments on DownDetector.

“My whatsapp is not even opening,” wrote one dissatisfied user.

“My WhatsApp stopped working so I unloaded it and downloaded now it won’t send me verification code so annoyed,” wrote another.

In a separate incident, Yahoo Mail users also reported some service snags, according to

DownDetector. The biggest problems have been in the UK, Northern Europe and Japan.

“Cant log into my yahoo mail at all… its been down for days… what is going on??? writes a Yahoo Mail user.

Another comments, “For the 2nd day running Yahoo mail has failed and locked me out. (January 03, 2018) took ages before I eventually got back in. I was told the problem was a new Yahoo update which locked out all accounts without recent password resets.”

Yet another complainant says: “Latest engineers have told me is that problem is YAHOO server.”

Meanwhile, Yahoo is warning users not to be fooled by fake Yahoo service sites.

“If you see what someone claims is a Yahoo Customer Care phone number posted online, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or another social media channel, a web forum, or on a help site that claims to provide Yahoo tech support, it’s not a Yahoo phone number,” it says in a

service tweet.

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