Why Companies Need To Invest In Personality Tests

by Ryan Mead January 21, 2016

January 21, 2016


The majority of the population has taken some type of a personality test. Whether it be through Facebook, premarital counseling or to get a job. Some of these “Personality tests” have absolutely no credibility such as “Which 80’s rockstar are you?” Tests with no credibility are generally easy to find however, finding a quality, accurate test, with scientific backup can be hard to find and sometimes pricey.

Companies have begun to notice the importance in personality testing. The $ 500-million-a-year industry has grown almost 10% annually. While there those who swear by these tests, others still need some more convincing. Here I will show you the facts, the lies and easy steps you can take to begin discovering yourself, your employees and your future candidates.

The Facts

According to a 2014 trends report 62% of HR professionals are using personality tests to vet candidates in the hiring process compared to 50% in 2010. Here’s the truth, putting employees in roles that do not fit their personality results in 21% lower productivity, 22% lower profitability, and an average of 45% higher turnover.

Using the proper personality assessments, companies will be able to effectively understand their team, how they work together and what they bring to the table. It’s pretty simple passing an interview, with a game face on. Having future candidates take these pre-entry assessments, will unmask them and will guide the company if they are a right fit or not.

This goes without saying, but when a company has a glimpse of the candidate or the employee, it gives a better idea of who is really being hired. Does this person have the personality to be a salesman, or an officer? These tests will be able to answer your questions so the company can feel confident in their hiring decisions.

The Myths

There are lies out there that hinder companies from using personality assessments as a resource for current and future employees.

Myth 1: Assessments are only good for new employees.

Truth: Assessments will be able to give vision into whether the employees are using their natural gifts and skills. Also, if they are positioned in the right department.

Myth 2: Work values assessments don’t add value.

Truth: When assessments are applied, they can predict 40% of an individual’s workplace behavior.

Myth 3: Personality assessments are boring.

Truth- Assessments are actually quite fun. The boring days are over!

Myth 4: Work values assessments scare off potential candidates.

Truth: Potential employees who are truly attracted to the position rarely fall out of the hiring process.

Myth 5: Personality assessments are one-sided.

Truth: Effective tests provide coaching and development to current employees.

The Discovery

“I suggest technical skills, experience and knowledge should count for about 50% of the decision, assessments for 30% and interview performance 20%,” -Jim Povec, principal at the Padgett Performance Group

Have your employees and candidates start taking these assessments and get an inside peak of who is quality and who is coasting. You will even be able to discover how to maximize your introverted employees, how to build an awesome team, and how to improve your management skills.

Don’t know where to start? See for yourself by taking this free assessment by Vitru. These personality tests are scientifically backed and are the assets your company needs to begin investing in your current employees skills and aid in building the ultimate dream team.

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