Why watching David Cameron’s european Negotiations reminds me Of Bickering With my teenagers

British politicans must problem unelected beaurocrats like Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk – is David Cameron up to the task?
British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks during a media conference after an EU Summit in Brussels. Senior British lawmakers warned Monday, July 2, 2012 that Britain must consider a future outside the European Union as the 17 members of Europeís currency union, which the UK has stayed out of, develop closer fiscal and political ties. But Cameron told lawmakers that Britainís priority must be to ìdeal with the instability and chaos,î sweeping the Eurozone, before considering its relationship with its neighbors

At hands size: David Cameron wants to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with Europe photo: AP

I don’t need to be mean, however looking at the prime Minister “hammer out” his new handle the eu strikes a chord in my memory of my very own pathetic renegotiations with the teenagers:

Me: “proper, unless you tidy your bedroom you are not going out and i’m not driving you into city and you’re in no way getting any money.”

kid: “Whatevs.”

Me: “I actually mean it this time. I’ve had enough.”

kid: “I’ve made my mattress [Adjusts duvet one centimetre to the left.] Mum, are you able to provide me a raise or I’ll be the one one not going to Lucy’s birthday party? Please, please.”

Me: “smartly, good enough, however..”

child: “are you able to give me a tenner?”

Me: “I’ve handiest bought twenty…”

youngster: sensible, thanks. I’ve told Ellie and Kat we’ll pick them up in 5, yeah? adequate if I put on your footwear?”

David Cameron needs to receive concessions from the eu

Did David Cameron even raise his voice and threaten to withhold pocket money? it seems that not. As for the PM “hammering out a deal” it used to be less a mallet than a teaspoon being lightly tapped on the lid of a delicate-boiled egg.

“Theresa could should be aware of that the high Minister’s deal will make little or no difference.”

Frankly, that is pitiful stuff after we desperately desire a sturdy leader to stick up for us. David Cameron has already admitted that the ecu Free movement Directive manner the united kingdom is taking excess of its justifiable share of latest arrivals.

but as soon because it turned into clear the european wasn’t prepared to budge on that he dropped it.

Jean-Claude JunckerJean-Claude Juncker  photo: BLOOMBERG

And this at a time when Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the ecu fee, says that sex assaults on more than 800 girls on New yr’s Eve in Cologne were “a matter of public order and nothing to do with the refugee obstacle”.


Mr Juncker is either deluded, a liar or a twit. How sickening are these unelected bureacrats like Juncker and Tusk with their back-slapping deals and late-night whiskies. where is the senior British flesh presser keen to problem this complacent boys’ club?

that is an emergency. Mayday! Mayday! Theresa may made a stonking speech on the Conservative birthday party conference pronouncing that the numbers coming from Europe have been “unsustainable and the rules have to vary”.

while Mrs may has come out in make stronger of the high Minister’s negotiations, she also recognises that more work must be completed. we want somebody resolute to make the case for defending our borders, defending our lifestyle. Will Mrs may lady up and do it? i do know that she will be able to and i hope that she will. millions of us will likely be cheering her on if she does.

British politicans should challenge unelected beaurocrats like Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk – is David Cameron up to the tas

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