Wu-Tang Clan go to space for Impossible Foods and White Castle

By Jeff Beer

On September 7, legendary music producer RZA posted a mysterious video to his Instagram feed that suggested the founding member of Wu-Tang Clan had uploaded his consciousness to some sort of B-movie computer in order to take life questions from the general public. He even posted a phone number, 1-833-4-Slider.


Now it’s been revealed as a teaser for a new four-part, short video series for White Castle and Impossible Foods starring Wu-Tang vets Ghostface Killah, GZA, and RZA.

Directed by Sam Spiegel and created by Impossible Foods’ in-house marketing team, “Wu-Tang In Space Eating Impossible Sliders” is like a Thunderbirds-inspired, weed-induced fever dream, but also an ad for the fast-feeder’s introduction of Impossible Foods’ plant-based burger to its menu. Dressed in Wu-Tang-styled, Star Trek-like uniforms, Ghostface and GZA answer questions left on RZA’s voicemail since that first Instagram post.

“It’s kind of crazy on Earth right now,” says Ghostface. “So we came to space to get some perspective and acquire some knowledge.”

Questions for the duo range from, “What is my dog thinking?” to, “Where do ideas come from?” It’s completely ridiculous but not without its charm. That, and it goes light on the burger branding, save for a momentary interlude in which Ghostface and GZA enjoy a tray of White Castle goodies while watching a couple of aliens fight on a moon. (Just go with it.)

To the question,”How can I further ascend my consciousness?” GZA lays it out simply: “Read more. Study more. Learn more. And continue to ask questions.” Ghostface adds, “Listen to more Wu.”

Answer received, enlightenment achieved.



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