Xbox Spring Sale launches with 1,000 cheaper games, but what are the best discounts?

Xbox Spring Sale launches with 1,000 cheaper games, but what are the best discounts?

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      In case you were getting worried that there hadn’t been a sale in the world of video gaming for, ooh, about 20 minutes, Microsoft Xbox is on hand to allay those fears.

      The Xbox Spring Sale is offering loads of games with discounts “up to 50%”, so if you have any cash left over from all those other sales that have recently finished, well this might be able to relieve you of that burden.

      It looks as though there are considerably well over 1,000 titles that are discounted so picking through them all would be a mission for anybody. Fortunately, we are here to cherry-pick a few options that you should grab if you don’t already have them present and correct in your Xbox game libraries by now.

      Best deals in the Xbox Spring Sale

      Remember that AAAA game they were charging $ 70 for? Skull and Bones, yes we know you forgot about it even though it was only a few weeks ago. Well if you want a little High Seas action you can snap that up now for $ 33% off which brings it more in line with where it should have been priced in the first place.

      If you have been hanging off Baldur’s Gate 3 then a) you are a fool and b) you are a clever fool because it now has a discount, albeit only 10%, but that cash is always better in your bank account.

      Another game that has struggled to get traction and indeed favorable press is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League which has a whopping 50% off in the sale. Again, how it had the brass to be a $ 70 game in the first place, but ours is not to reason why.

      Every September people jump on board the FIFA (now EAFC) hype train and splash out around $ 90 to get the latest release. Without fail. Every six months later you can pick it up in a sale for, in this case, 80% off…that isn’t a typo, it is under $ 20 right now.

      The last biggie to suggest is the excellent Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown which has a more than healthy 40% off right now and is definitely worth adding to your basket the second you read this if you missed out on its original launch.

      The Spring Sale starts today (April 5th) and will run until April 18th, so you have plenty of chance to make your minds up.

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