Your favorite writers, comics, and athletes are tweeting outrageous true stories that sound like fiction

By Joe Berkowitz

Truth is, famously, stranger than fiction. One writer wanted to see just how much stranger, though, and ended up getting way more than he bargained for—much to our collective benefit.

Aidan Moher, who writes about sci-fi and gaming, tweeted out a prompt last Friday, asking his followers: “Tell me a story about yourself the sounds like a lie but is absolutely true.”

The tweet went hugely viral, prompting all sorts of revelations and confessions, along with tales of deceit, derring-do, and unfathomable coincidence. Some of them were surely untrue, others had that unmistakable ring of truth, and others still received real-time fact-checking.

While the tweet garnered a lot of wild stories, some with photographic evidence, from random Twitterers, eventually the prompt made its way to comedians, athletes, authors, musicians, and more, who couldn’t resist weighing in with tall tales.

Some of them chronicled pleasantly bizarre incidents:

Others described dramatic, death-defying incidents:

A lot of people used the tweet as an excuse to name-drop, to varying degrees of interestingness.

Some offered sincere inspirational brags:

And others shared strange recent stories we already know are true.

And while some skeptics might look at some of these stories and question their authenticity, only a true hater would question a beautiful story like the one below:

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