Your Google Searches Will Now Pull Up Fast Food Calorie Counts

Uh oh.

Fast food lovers, beware: Your next Google search for a Jack In The Box Chick-N-Tater Melt Munchie Meal might end in calorie shame.

Google is rolling out calorie count integration for fast food chains into its search engine. “From calories to carbs, the Google app now gives details about menu items from popular restaurant chains,” the company announced in a Google+ post. Although calorie information is showing up in web search as well, Google is pushing this functionality for mobile. Customers can request calorie counts via “OK, Google” voice commands and Google’s mobile app.

We tested out the new tool and found it’s not yet on top of its calorie shame game. Nutritional information for Big Macs and other iconic McDonald’s items show up, but don’t expect to see calorie tallies for the Burger King Whopper or Wendy’s Frosty.

The decision to integrate calorie listings into Google search results is part of a continuing effort to keep us within Google’s ecosystem and make sure we see (and click on) its advertising. The calorie counter app MyFitnessPal, which runs on an ad-supported model, has been aggressively expanding, as have a host of third-party sites. Earlier this year, Google quietly began floating a new machine vision-based app called Im2Calories, which estimates the number of calories in a meal immediately after a user photographs it.

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