You’re already using AI at work. You just didn’t know it

By Shalene Gupta

AI is taking headlines by the storm, but it’s been around for years. Human resources company UKG surveyed more than 4,000 employees in nine countries, including 600 C-suite executives in the United States, about how they think AI is used at work. Here are the key findings:

    Most organizations are using AI today: 78% of C-suite leaders say their organizations use AI, and of the leaders who are using AI, 78% say they introduced AI into the workforce during the past three years. About 46% say increasing use of AI is a high priority.

    The CEO/employee gap: However, only 45% of employees think their organization is using AI, and only 42% think any of the tools or systems they use at work are powered by AI.

    Employee trust is shaky: Only 30% completely trust the content AI tools provide, and only 42% believe that their company would thoroughly vet AI tools to ensure they provide high-quality content.

    Profitability over experience: 58% of employees believe their employer wants to use AI to increase profitability rather than improving the employee experience, 67% of executives and managers say their focus is on improving profitability, and only 33% say it’s on improving the employee experience. Meanwhile, a third of executives say they plan to slowly replace employees who lack AI skills through natural attrition, while 28% say they plan on replacing employees who lack AI skills “proactively.”

“Many businesses are finally realizing what great workplaces have known for a long time now: AI, when used ethically, responsibly, and transparently, has the potential to be everyone’s favorite coworker,” said Hugo Sarrazin, chief product and technology officer at UKG.

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