Bobble’s pretend Water model Brilliantly Spoofs Millennial promotion Cliches

“once” is for the young, footloose, fancy free . . . and environmentally bankrupt.

November 18, 2015

when you watch enough merchandising aimed at someone aged 14 to 30, sure patterns of tone, picture, and style emerge. younger folks, just livin’ the nice life, embracing the moment, seizing the day and all that. to attract attention to the massive quantity of waste created through single-use plastic water bottles, reusable bottle brand Bobble has tapped all these well-tread business cliches to achieve the very same audience.

Created with the aid of 72andSunny ny, the spot features gorgeous younger individuals doing all kinds of fun things, however cheekily veers into the ridiculous with a faux water brand referred to as once. As in, the plastic bottle is used as soon as. it is a wise take, using familiar imagery however with a wink-wink savvy that lets viewers in on the inside joke. “You get it, right?” the spot appears to be saying, positioning the Seventh generation bottle brand as the smarter, cooler option to the Poland Spring and Dasani crowd.

closing week at quick firm‘s Innovation festival, the company gave a select team of attendees a preview of the spot, as well as a have a look at the logo positioning and technique. The problem, as laid out by means of 72andSunny the big apple director of technique Tim Jones, is that the results of disposable water bottles do not feel non-public to us. The perception at the back of the new campaign is that substance is the greatest type of type.

agency managing director James Townsend said that they had discovered lessons from the newest work for truth, in that it is more effective to make one thing seem to be uncool than it’s to assert it is unhealthy for you. it can be clear that way is at play for once, tapping sly humor without being preachy.

“Our biggest creative challenge was once to make the influence of single-use plastics extra private and encourage a era to vary their conduct, with out shaming them into it,” mentioned Guillermo Vega, govt creative Director at 72andSunny’s big apple office. “We notion one of the best ways to do that used to be to show single-use plastics as a fading trend and expose bobble as a fashionable, reusable solution.”

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