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Bungie wins $4.3 million in case against ‘Destiny 2’ cheat provider AimJunkies
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Bungie wins $4.3 million in case against ‘Destiny 2’ cheat provider AimJunkies

‘Destiny 2’ cheat maker AimJunkies claims Bungie hacked them

Devindra Hardawar
Devindra Hardawar

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has been on a legal spree recently: It sued one user over cheating and threats against its employees, as well as a YouTuber who issued nearly 100 false DMCA claims against other creators. But after suing the cheat developer AimJunkies last year, Bungie is now facing a countersuit. AimJunkies claims the developer illegally hacked an associate’s computer, reports TorrentFreak (via Kotaku). Additionally, they allege Bungie also violated the DMCA by breaking through that machine’s security.  

Bungie’s current Limited Software License Agreement (LSLA) gives the company’s BattleEye software permission to scan computers for anti-cheat tools, but that wasn’t true back in 2019, when the alleged hack began. According to AimJunkie’s counter-suit, Bungie accessed a computer owned by its associate James May several times throughout 2019 and 2021. It goes on to allege that Bungie used information from those hacks to gather information about other potential suspects. 

Phoenix Digital, the company behind AimJunkies, didn’t stop there. It also claims the Bungie violated its Terms of Service by buying AimJunkies’ software and reverse-engineering its source code. If this all sounds a bit ironic, that’s because Bungie accused the company of similar tactics in its original suit. James May and Phoenix Digital are demanding damages, as well as an end to any future hacks and DMCA breaches. When asked for comment, a Bungie spokesperson said it doesn’t comment on ongoing litigation.

Bungie wins $4.3 million in case against 'Destiny 2' cheat provider AimJunkies |

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