DialogTech adds multichannel analytics with its purchase of dashboard provider Swydo

The Chicago-based firm says this is the first time a call analytics provider is offering drag-and-drop reports from other platforms.

DialogTech adds multichannel analytics with its purchase of dashboard provider Swydo | DeviceDaily.com

DialogTech provides analytics on incoming calls so that marketers can find out things like the number of sales by phone generated by a search ad.

That data can then be exported via API to other tools, like marketing platforms, to compare the call analytics with campaigns in other channels.

Today, the Chicago-based company is becoming a multichannel dashboard itself, as it announces the acquisition of the Dutch firm Swydo.

Founded in 2006 as a marketing agency, Swydo released in 2011 a set of tools for adding external reports, dashboards and other visualizations through drag-and-drop.

That editor is currently integrated with seven external marketing tools — Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and MailChimp — so specific analytics from other channels can be added and viewed inside DialogTech:

DialogTech adds multichannel analytics with its purchase of dashboard provider Swydo | DeviceDaily.com

A DialogTech screen employing Swydo’s drag-and-drop integration of external analytics

DialogTech COO Doug Kofoid told me that previously, DialogTech allowed its own call analytics visualizations to be pushed to other platforms, where it could be compared with other channels.

But, he said, customers in the small to mid-market range were expressing their “frustration” about seeing a unified view of all their marketing channels, since they didn’t always subscribe to a larger platform like business intelligence platform Domo or Adobe’s marketing platform.

Kofoid said that while this doesn’t represent a directional change for DialogTech, it does position his company as a master dashboard of multiple marketing channels, centered around incoming phone calls.

DialogTech’s call analytics competitors can “all push out the data” to other tools, he said, adding that this is the first time multichannel analytics are being made available inside the application of a call analytics provider, with drag-and-drop capabilities for specific components.


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