Fake Pop-Tarts that taste like Hidden Valley Ranch dressing are peak Brand Twitter

By Melissa Locker

There’s a lot of talk about the golden age of television and whether we’re in the middle of it or if it ended when Walter White did. One thing we can probably all agree on, though, is that for better or worse we’re living in a golden age of Brand Twitter. You know, when brands act like they’re people and try to get in on all the Twitter fun.

For a perfect example, look no further than the saga of ranch dressing-flavored Pop-Tarts. It all started when Twitter user Kyle Heroff created a mock-up of Hidden Valley Ranch-flavored Pop-Tarts and sent it into the wild with the caption, “They say you can put ranch on anything.” The photo was convincing enough—and brands are weird enough these days—that people thought it was real.

Soon, Hidden Valley Ranch heard the hubbub and decided to weigh in, suggesting a collaboration to Pop-Tarts. “Hey @PopTartsUS – let’s have some fun and give the the (sic) people what they want.” (That was either a typo or a reference to the band the the. You decide.)

The folks at Pop-Tarts were quick to reply, and while they didn’t use the queasy emoji face, their thoughts on the potential collaboration were clear:

Then Axe body spray commented, “omg babe,” which is very on-brand, and Little Debbie stepped into the fray, tweeting, “There are times when people need to be protected from themselves,” to which Pop-Tarts replied by begging someone to help “protect me from the ranch dressing people.”

While Kellogg’s, which owns Pop-Tarts, was fielding questions from the press about whether this was real (don’t worry, Snopes is on it), Heroff posted a poll on Twitter where users can vote in favor of or against the possibility of ranch-flavored Pop-Tarts.

Heroff isn’t done yet, though, suggesting a hot dog-flavored Pop-Tart. Your move, Oscar Mayer.


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