Nike’s new Women’s World Cup ad is a heart-pumping ode to empowerment

By Jeff Beer

During the men’s Champions League final between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool Football Club, Nike is set to debut its marquee ad for the Women’s World Cup that’s kicking off next week in France. The football world’s focus will be on the men, but the spot shines an adrenaline-pumping spotlight on today’s female soccer stars.

American Crystal Dunn, Brazil’s Andressa Alves, Lieke Martens of the Netherlands, Korea’s Ji So-Yun, France’s Amandine Henry, Fran Kirby of England, and more–including male stars like Neymar Jr., Gerard Piqué, and Philippe Coutinho–all show 10-year-old Makena Cook the ropes.

This isn’t the first time the swoosh has dropped wide-eyed young kids among the world’s top soccer talent. Remember 2014’s “Winner Stays On”? Or how about 2016’s “The Switch”? But despite the familiar format, it’s refreshing to give it a female twist, with an added bonus of tying the whole thing back to the brand’s ongoing “Dream Crazy” campaign.

Equality in football is slow, but progress is being made. Who knows? If advertising magic equality can be realized, maybe equal pay isn’t so crazy a dream itself.

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