Ogury acquires Motionly to power dynamic creative optimization campaigns

CEO Thomas Pasquet explains why animated ads should be personalized using DCO.

Ogury acquires Motionly to power dynamic creative optimization campaigns | DeviceDaily.com

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Today, mobile advertising platform Ogury announced the acquisition of Motionly, an SaaS solution that designs and deploys interactive rich media animations in-app and in-web. This new technology will add to Ogury’s creative studio, allowing marketers to deliver personalized optimized ads.

What it does. Ogury’s creative builder will enable marketers to create, publish and measure new kinds of ad units on mobile and the web. Using this technology, animated ads are updated according to the context of the website or app in which the ad appears. Creative can then be optimized like it was for this pandemic messaging effort.

Ogury has a client base of 1,200 brands, and has over 450 employees in 14 countries.

Why we care. For a long time, the bar has been raised for personalized and contextual digital ads, especially on mobile, when users are out in the world, responding to different weather conditions and other factors that make one-size-fits-all ads ineffective.

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) helps scale the personalized experience by introducing many interchangeable elements into the ad design. Some AI optimization responds to ad responses mid-flight so that the campaign optimizes on-the-fly automatically according to factors that weren’t known before the campaign was launched.

Demand for DCO. “Unlike users of more traditional media, online users are used to seeing content that is personalized to their behavior,” said Ogury CEO Thomas Pasquet. “It follows that the same is true when it comes to their advertising experience.”

He added, “The capabilities today to personalize an advertising message are huge and dynamic creative optimization is the key to capitalizing on them.”

Less intrusive. Personalization treads on a sensitive area when it comes to customer privacy. Marketers have to pick and choose what elements in an ad are data-driven to avoid the creepy factor.

“As the industry moves away from intrusive personalized targeting based on personal data, it will become ever more crucial for advertisers to offer users ad experiences that are tailored to their context and environment, so they continue to engage and the brand remains memorable,” said Pasquet.

Scaling personalization with DCO. Timezone is a good data point to use for optimizing ads. It provides some context for the ad’s audience without being too intrusive.

Pasquet offered the example of a luxury watch company using DCO.

“A mobile user in Paris would see the dial on the watch match the local time in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background,” he explained. “Meanwhile a user based in London would see Big Ben as a background, and someone in New York would see an ad set in front of the Empire State Building, all in their own local time zones.”

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