Snap Ads Max Reach is Snapchat’s version of the home page takeover

For one day, advertisers can get their vertical video ads seen by all US viewers of Snapchat’s various Stories formats.

Snap Ads Max Reach is Snapchat’s version of the home page takeover

Snapchat has quietly been pitching advertisers on a way to reach everyone in the US who views a Story on a given day.

Earlier this year, Snap Inc.’s Snapchat added a new ad-buying option that equates to the mobile app’s version of a traditional website’s home page takeover, a Snap spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday.

Called Snap Ads Max Reach, the option is similar to Instagram’s Marquee and Twitter’s First View takeover options. Snapchat’s version guarantees that a brand’s ad will be served to everyone in the US who is shown a Snap Ad on a given day. In other words, anyone who watches a friend’s or celebrity’s Story, views one of Snapchat’s curated Our Stories or checks out a publisher’s Discover channel (also known as a “Publisher Story”) will see the brand’s ad one of the times that Snapchat attaches an ad to one of those Stories on that day.

For now, Snap Ads Max Reach campaigns are only available in the US and can only be bought directly through Snapchat’s sales team.

The addition of Snap Ads Max Reach means Snapchat has takeover-style options for each of its three ad formats. Snapchat’s Sponsored Geofilters can be run nationally, and Sponsored Lenses can only be run nationally.

For those curious about the three formats and their various features, here’s an interactive guide that breaks down the details:


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