Taco Bell is opening a hotel and resort in Palm Springs because this is the world we live in now

By Melissa Locker

Let’s play a game: Would you rather stay inside a giant potato or sleep in a Taco Bell? Guess what? You no longer have to choose.

Taco Bell announced that it is debuting The Bell, a hotel and resort in Palm Springs, California, this summer, throwing open its doors on August 9. As one would expect from your favorite chalupa-purveyors-turned-hoteliers, The Bell will feature decor “inspired by tacos and fueled by fans.” That means “everything from guest rooms to breakfast and poolside cocktails will be infused with a Taco Bell twist,” according to a company statement.

We’re picturing a pool filled with Fire Sauce floaties while “Bell” hops deliver Baja Blasts and Doritos Locos Tacos to anyone clad in an official Taco Bell bikini. In addition to Taco Bell-fueled fun “from check-in to check-out,” the hotel will also include a gift shop full of Taco Bell merchandise, an onsite salon (Taco Bell manicures, anyone?), and “new menu surprises.” No word on whether guac is extra or the Pepto is free for hotel guests.

Since it’s not April 1, one can only assume that the press release isn’t some weird Thursday fools’ joke, but is, in fact, a real thing that the company is really doing. So if you’ve ever wanted to live out your From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler dreams in a Taco Bell, now is your chance. Just don’t tell the kids you’re going to Taco Bell for a week, because this natural evolution of the Taco Bell brand is only meant for superfans over the age of 18.

Sadly, this foray into hospitality is short-lived (for now), and our collective dream of Taco Bell becoming the next Airbnb or Marriott is not a reality quite yet. If you want make a run for the border and stop at The Bell,  reservations open in June. Sign up to be notified on their site.


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