This eerie, fan-made Star Wars short ends with a shocking furry surprise

By Joe Berkowitz

What: Alone, a spooky, lo-fi, fan-made Star Wars short.

Who: YouTuber Cinecuster.

Why we care: As the Star Wars galaxy continues to expand, with bold new offshoots like Rogue One and The Mandalorian (not so much Solo, though), its shadow world of fan-made shorts evolves in tandem. These homegrown mini productions now include anime extravaganzas, lightsaber battles with high-level editing skills, and now even a horror movie. Or at least the feel of one.

Alone, a five-minute short from YouTuber Cinecuster that debuted online earlier this month, follows a wounded Stormtrooper’s trek through an eerie forest grove. In Star Wars chronology terms, it’s just after the end of Return of the Jedi, and the soldier does not yet know that his Death Star has been decimated into infinite space rubble. Although our guy is still in grainy contact with a command unit through his barely functioning helmet, the forest sounds around him suggest that, title be damned, he is not quite Alone. What follows is a no-frills, handheld take on the Star Wars saga with a surprise ending well worth sticking around for.

[via Gizmodo]



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