This “Good Place” star is expertly trolling celebrity Instagram influencers

By Joe Berkowitz

Talk about spilling the tea! (I’m so sorry.) The Good Place star and fiery feminist advocate Jameela Jamil has had quite enough of celebrity women shilling for dubious products like Flat Tummy Tea, and she wants you (and those celebrities) to know it.

On Monday, Jamil tweeted her displeasure with 2014 Song of the Summer-maker Iggy Azalea over a recent sponsored post on Instagram, calling her a “double-agent for the patriarchy.”

Why is Jamil so upset? Everybody is entitled to earn money, after all, and if you have a large enough social media following, companies will just throw it at you. The actor elaborated on her reasons for being upset at famous women promoting shady diet products in a further series of tweets.


Interesting choice to say these celebrities don’t “give a shit” about their fans, considering Jamil also expressed her wish that the Flat Tummy Tea make these same individuals shit their pants.

Anyway, after providing reasons for why these kinds of celebrity endorsements feel like such a betrayal to women, Jamil expanded her scope to include several others beyond Iggy Azalea: Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose, and Cardi B.

Going after Cardi B, someone a lot of people actually like (sorry, Iggy Azalea) elevated Jamil’s feminist conquest into the realm of celebrity feud–with shots fired, and shots returned.

Jamil made it clear that she doesn’t wish harm on any of the people she’s calling out. She just wants them to be be more responsible.

The whole affair culminated (for now anyway) in what is known in video game terms as a “finishing move.” On Tuesday night, Jamil posted a video depicting what an honest version of an Instagram ad for Flat Tummy Tea might entail. It’s devastating and impossible to refute.

This argument is over. It’s dead. And it probably didn’t go to the good place.

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