This Magic mirror reflects apparel Onto Your body

need to try a new T-shirt design? clutch the clone stamp software, and don’t take off anything.

September 14, 2015


but how will it appear on me?” It’s the age-previous query of garb purchasing, and a new, apparently magical reflect not handiest answers that question—it allows you to remodel what you’re carrying along the way.

mirror mirror is a venture by using MyDesignLab, which is based totally inside Korea’s Industrial Design KAIST school. And whereas it’s an awfully sophisticated pile of technology, the top experience is all coordinated to permit you to are attempting on digital T-shirts, and redraw them at will.

The replicate itself is principally a large tv. It has a depth sensor on prime that can monitor your physique, and with that information, a projector paints pixels over your torso that can move with you. (up to now, the setup is loads like Microsoft research’s RoomAlive, but as an alternative of mapping a complete room, it makes a speciality of your body.)

customers can cycle via outfits the usage of gesture controls and infrared wands. (Why infrared? as a result of that’s the invisible spectrum of sunshine that the depth sensor is already using to trace your body. So it could actually observe the wand very exactly, like a laser pointer slicing via fog.)

where issues truly get neat, though, is that the user can actually intention that wand at themselves, and draw designs, as if with spray paint, proper on their shirts. Then any finalized design can be printed out in an instant.

All of this hardware may look somewhat sci-fi, however if truth be told, outlets are already taking into consideration ways for customers to design and manufacture their very own novel designs in retail shops. Most significantly, Adidas has announced plans to open such outlets in major cities by 2017 so as to offer each more customization, and a means to get designs from factories to store shelves sooner. And it is going to be as much the consumer expertise of designing that clothing, as it’s the apparel itself, to be able to dictate whether or not or not all of us actually purchase into the speculation.

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