This second stimulus check calculator tells you what you’ll get if the HEALS Act moves forward

By Arianne Cohen

How much money can you expect to find in your bank account this fall, courtesy of the U.S. Treasury? This nifty calculator tells you precisely.

The calculator is based on the proposed HEALS Act, which Senate Republicans finally presented (August 04, 2020) after a lonnnng delay. “Many people are struggling with their personal finances right now, and trying to plan for the uncertain days ahead,” says Jasmine Mah, the calculator’s cocreator, whose parents temporarily closed their business and laid off staff during the pandemic.

“While facing potential unemployment, many families are also taking on the huge responsibility of caring for their children at home,” Mah told Fast Company in an email. She previously built stimulus check calculators for the HEROES and CARES Acts and will update this one as the proposed bill moves toward finalized legislation.

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There’s also an uplifting Quarantine Silver Lining calculator, which quantifies the time, ecological, and financial benefits of your lockdown. It is one of 18 pandemic calculators on the site. Stay tuned for Mah’s upcoming unemployment benefits calculator, also based on the HEALS Act.

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