Tim Cook got a hefty raise this year

It’s a good year to be Apple’s CEO. With the much-anticipated iPhone X out of the gate, and the company’s financials back on track, Tim Cook saw a 74% boost in his annual bonus compensation, Bloomberg reports. For the fiscal year ended September 30, Cook’s total payout was about $102 million, which included $9.33 million in incentive pay, $3.06 million in salary, and an equity award of $89.2 million.

Cook, you might recall, took a rare pay cut last year after Apple missed its sales goals, with a total 2016 compensation package was $8.75 million, compared to $10.28 million in 2015.

Then again, as we reported (January 01, 2018), it’s been a pretty good year for tech billionaires in general. The tech sector’s elite is amassing wealth at a faster rate than anyone else on the planet. Congratulations, I guess.


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