Trump’s Iran tweet quickly and deservedly became an ALL-CAPS meme

By Melissa Locker

Twitter had better batten down the hatches because President Trump has discovered the caps lock key.


On Sunday, the president hit the button and fired off a strongly worded warning to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. However, Trump didn’t include the @ sign in the tweet, so it’s unclear if Rouhani received the missive.

Since American foreign policy now plays out on social media, the tweet was a response to a speech given by Rouhani in which he warned the United States not to “play with the lion’s tail,” and threatened retaliation if America escalates things. We can only assume that an all-caps tweet will escalate tensions.

Because if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry at the thought of impending war with Iran, Twitter users decided to skewer the president’s tweet with some all-caps responses of their own.

In case you were distracted by all the fun, the Democrats are here to remind us that everything is horrible and no amount of Twitter memes can rectify that:



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