What To Do When fb Locks You Out

July sixteen, 2015

Whew! I just had a heck of a time seeking to get again into my fb account – and had been seeking to get in it for approximately two days.

You see, what took place used to be…

I went to login into my fb account.  Sounds easy right?  now not on this explicit day.

Logging in to Facebook, simple right?

Logging in to facebook, easy proper?

I obtained this ‘horrifying’ message: (It was horrific, simply bad!)

Your computer needs to be Cleaned.  It looks like your computer is being plagued by malware. We’ll can help you restore the issue to keep your account stable and prevent malware from spreading to chums.

Malware is instrument that tries to steal non-public data and reasons issues whilst you use fb. Clicking or sharing hyperlinks that contain junk mail may give your pc malware.

When Facebook Says, "Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned," you may need to pay attention.

When fb Says, “Your computer must be Cleaned,” you can also want to concentrate.

I appreciated facebook’s supply to assist me fix “the problem,” but I determined to do some research to ensure this message used to be in point of fact coming from fb.

I spent rather a while getting to know this on the web as I had not heard of this ESET online Scanner earlier than. It turns out fb has partnered with them. You can read extra about that at the finish of this post.

What I mostly found online had been individuals asking if it was in point of fact facebook or some malicious virus that was once causing this, which was my subject.  I also found a lot of people who have been cursing fb for striking them through this daunting process.

After reading during the menagerie of articles, I determined that I might trust that this message was once coming instantly from facebook and it used to be safe to practice the instructions.  So, I clicked ‘Get started’ and went thru the following course of to get again into my facebook account.

the following monitor learn:

ESET online Scanner. to wash your laptop, you’ll need to obtain and run this free scanner, ESET on-line Scanner. this will take a look at for and take a look at to do away with malware. through clicking download, you comply with the ESET on-line Scanner terms.

Facebook prompted me to download the ESET Online Scanner.

facebook precipitated me to download the ESET online Scanner.

actually, not having another choice, I clicked on the ‘obtain’ button, and continued with what came next.

To run ESET on-line Scanner: Run the downloaded file.  After working ESET on-line Scanner the scan and smooth process will commence automatically.  Please furnish the permission to run when requested.

Malware removing. The download should begin in a second. If it doesn’t begin robotically, that you can download the scanner manually.  once it’s downloaded, please run the ESET online Scanner tool.  This may take a moment and involve a few steps.

Follow Facebook's instructions to download the ESET Online Scanner software.

follow fb’s directions to download the ESET online Scanner instrument.

observe: relying on what working gadget you’re the use of, you may also receive a communicate box from windows (or your operating device) asking you if it is k for fb ESET Scanner to make changes to your computer. if you would like to proceed, click sure.  Then you’re going to see:

ESET online Scanner is now checking your laptop and seeking to put off any malware that’s discovered.  which you could log into facebook and the scan will proceed working.  We’ll ship you a fb notification when the scan is completed.


though, i did not login at that time, this is when that you may say, “Oh how nice of you to let me back in!”

I continued to attend throughout the process – and for some motive, I bought the following message. you might even see this as smartly.

Malware Scan in progress.  It seems like a malware scan you began about an hour ago continues to be in development.  You’ll be able to securely log into your account as soon as the scan is completed.  that you may nonetheless log into facebook on different devices, even while working the scan on this pc.


eventually, I received this message:

Malware removing.  ESET on-line Scanner is completed and didn’t find any malware. These scans lend a hand keep fb stable, so thanks in your patience.  keep in mind that, to give protection to your pc from malware, most effective obtain and run applications from sources you belief. research extra.

Malware Removal. ESET Online Scanner is finished and didn't find any malware.

Malware removal. ESET online Scanner is completed and didn’t to find any malware.

After reading facebook’s thank you to me for being affected person, I remembered what my mother taught me and said, “You’re welcome!”  I then clicked ‘complete Login’.  Then, voilà!  I was once again on residence base.

Facebook's news feed

facebook’s news feed

After reading a number of articles, I revealed that this online scanning interruption was once not a new factor.  facebook entered into partnership with ESET someplace round December of 2014.  I must have been napping as a result of I certain missed this.  that you may investigate cross-check this article in computer World, facebook integrates ESET on-line Scanner to help find malware in downside PCs, to analyze more about this partnership and integration.

I do believe individuals who commented on the articles that I learn, after they mentioned this experience was no fun.  I don’t accept as true with them for being angry at facebook for attempting to determine tips on how to preserve their customers secure.  additionally they have the appropriate to associate with anyone they want to accomplice with – as many complained about the partnership as well. I be mindful some could disagree, however that’s ok.  i have to assert, even though this took up plenty of my time, I savor any online platform that has a concern for my safety and works to keep my computer protected.

Please let me know if you’ve had this or a identical experience with fb or every other social media web site. if so, how did you handle it?

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