Xmas shopping for billionaires: The best of the 2017 Neiman Marcus catalogue

 October 19, 2017

If you’re too busy doing the Scrooge McDuck backstroke through your billions of dollars to find the time for Christmas shopping, Neiman Marcus is here to help. That’s right, it’s the most wonderful time of the year when in addition to their $15,000 faux moose heads and $6,200 stalking lion figurines, the company releases their annual Christmas book that turns gift shopping into a bloodsport for billionaires.

Here are the highlights:

  • Yours & Mine Rolls-Royce Limited Edition Dawns. Choose either Blue ($439,625) or Orange ($445,750), or just take one of each.
  • Head to Zambia and London with master jeweler Stephen Webster and bring home a 7.2-carat emerald as a souvenir: $300,000
  • Head to Paris for the Ryder Cup with U.S. team captain Jim Furyk as your guide: $250,000
  • Spend New Year’s Eve on the rooftop of the Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square for a cool $1,600,000. While most New Yorkers would rather clean the F train station with their tongue than pass New Year’s in Times Square, this package will let you and 299 of your closest friends ring in 2018 with  drinks,  dinner, and a DJ, and 150 hotel rooms to pass out in when they’re done.
  • Get drunk in style with a trip to Champagne for four of your friends and a custom cuvée with Armand de Brignac: $150,000
  • Get ready for next year’s Christmas card by heading out on an aerial photo adventure with photographer Gray Malin over the beaches of Malibu: $35,000
  • Skip the trip to Toys R Us and have a year’s worth of Madame Alexander dolls shipped to your house complete with a dollhouse by KidKraft and a doll designed in the child’s likeness, which is definitely not creepy: $8,000.

Really want to spend your money on something worthwhile? Right this way.


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